Gil Felipe Gonçalves Miranda, PhD

Instituto de Desenvolvimento Florestal e da Biodiversidade

I have been working with Syrphidae since my undergraduate years, starting with identification of taxa in a forest fragment back in my home state. Identifications were difficult, with many morphospecies being left unnamed. During my graduate work I hoped to organize the taxonomy of groups so as to not only name taxa, but to help future users in their identifications.
I’e been working in post-doc positions during the last 6 years in the Brazilian Amazon, performing research in Syrphidae taxonomy, publishing papers in the area, taking live pictures of organisms, developing online identification keys, and supervising undergraduate students in taxonomy. Currently, I work as an Environmental Management Assistant at Instituto de Desenvolvimento Florestal e da Biodiversidade (IDEFLOR-Bio), a public environmental agency of the state of Pará, Brazil, managing two large conservation areas (~5,000,000 ha) in the Brazilian side of the Guiana Shield.

Keywords: taxonomy, identification key, online, pictures


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Taxa: Syrphinae, Ocyptamus sensu lato

Region: Neotropical region

Disciplines: Taxonomy