Daniele Sommaggio, PhD

Università di Bologna

Sommaggio Daniele phD studies hoverflies for over 30 years, focusing his attention above all on their ecology and their use as bioindicators. He is the author of almost 50 publications on these topics and of two Italian books about the use of Syrphidae as bioindicators. He is involved in faunistic research about the distribution of hoverflies in Italy. From a taxonomic point of view, he is particularly interested in the revision of Chrysotoxum genus, focusing mainly on the Nearctic fauna; he visited Washington and Ottawa collections. He is also interested in the study of historical collections to fix the taxonomic status of species; he recently published the catalog of Diptera species described by Rondani: it includes the examination of the types of over 1150 species and has required the study of the collections present in 15 European museums. He is a lectureship in Entomology and Terrestrial Ecosystems in Padova University, and he is a research fellow at Bologna University, mainly in projects about functional biodiversity in agroecosystems and the importance of Syrphidae as pollinators.

Keywords: Biodiversity, Bioindicators, Pollination

Email: daniele.sommaggio2[at]unibo.it


Taxa: Chrysotoxum, Paragus

Region: Italy

Disciplines: Ecology